The cornerstone of the Ph.D. program is in-depth individual research via the dissertation. 

The purpose of my dissertation was to understand how being both Black and male (i.e., Black male intersectionality) shaped the lived experiences and academic success of high-achieving  Black male undergraduates in engineering majors at a predominantly White institution (PWI.)

In April 2018, the North Carolina State University higher education program faculty selected my dissertation study for the 2018 Higher Education Dissertation of the Year Award. ​

In March 2019,  my dissertation study was received an honorable mention from the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education 2019 Dissertation of the Year Award selection committee.


Through my dissertation research and subsequent publications and presentations, I hope to provide university faculty and administrators with strategies for creating or revising their initiatives to better support Black male undergraduates in engineering majors. ​


To access my full dissertation please click this link.