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I have spoken at over 70 international, national, state, regional, and local conferences.

Some of the recent conferences I have spoken at include:

  • American Association of Blacks in Higher Education

  • American Educational Research Association

  • American Evaluation Association 

  • American Society for Engineering Education

  • Annual Conference on The First Year Experience

  • Association for Computing Machinery Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education

  • Association for the Study of Higher Education

  • Equity, Access, and Advocacy in Education Conference

  • Higher Learning: Race in Post Secondary Education

  • NASPA –Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education

  • National Conference on Race and Ethnicity

  • North Carolina College Personnel Association

  • North Carolina Technology in Education Society

  • Research in Equity and Sustained Participation in Engineering, Computing, and Technology (RESPECT) Conference

  • Women in Educational Leadership Symposium

I welcome the opportunity to speak at education, business, and community events. 

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