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I started teaching college students in 2015. Since then I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses at NC State University for student-athletes, students on academic probation, students in the masters of higher education program, and doctoral students across program areas in the College of Education. I have also served as Guest Lecturer at NC State University, Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC), and Philander Smith College (Little Rock, AR). 

My teaching philosophy can best be described as reflective, pragmatic, and equity-centered. Teaching is one of my favorite parts of my career. 


How Doctoral Students Have Evaluated My Qualitative Methods Courses

'The learning environment was very inclusive, everyone had a chance to speak when they raised their hands.  The moment of Zen was a great way to begin class, and there were also class announcements.  Beyond that, the discussions and guest speaker series allowed us to have rich discussions in class on qual topics.   I am so excited to take qual 2 in the fall!'

Spring 2022, Qual I

'Dr. Edwards carefully planned our course and showed up to class in a timely manner. She also facilitated deep discussion in her class, along with inviting guest speakers to tell us about their research.  We were able to work on relevant projects, and to write a final paper as a group.  I was able to get the qualitative experience I needed, since I am planning to use qual methods in my dissertation.  I really appreciate all of the hard work and dedication she put into this class.  She always provided timely and helpful feedback on our assignments.'

Spring 2022, Qual I

'The readings were relevant and equity-focused, Spotlight series provided a "real" look into qualitative research and engaged the class, the mini-research project was a postive and practical experience. This course prepared me for a PhD program and sparked a greater interest and passion for qualitative research. I feel prepared to engage in qualitative research'

Spring 2022, Qual I

'Dr. Callie Edwards has been a phenomenal professor during our Qual II course this semester! Firstly, I want to honor her ability to teach this course and provide frequent check ins with students to ensure everyone feels supported. She positioned herself as both an expert and a learner from us. Dr. Edwards provided a seamless transition to this advanced qualitative course from our earlier courses and provided countless resources for our success. Her feedback on assignments was always timely as well as helpful for our future work.'

Fall 2021, Qual II

'Like I mentioned, I loved the spotlight speakers! Dr. E also did a great job of following up with individual needs by providing additional resources and citations. I never felt like there was an absence of theory behind the praxis.'

Fall 2021 Qual II

"'A particular strength of this instructor is her desire to meet the needs of all students, including social and emotional needs. For example, she created a moment of zen at the beginning of each class to help set the tone for each synchronous session and solicited input from students with an end of class exit ticket.'​  

Spring 2022, Qual I

"'The instructor and TA were incredible open, helpful, understanding, flexible. I felt so welcome by everyone in the course. It was helpful to have the flexibility of online opportunities throughout the semester to limit on-campus time. I was so grateful for Dr. Edwards's commitment to my questions and willingness to reach out and follow-up. I found the assignments generally helpful for preparing for the next steps in my doctoral journey. The spotlight speakers were phenomenal and I wish we had a little more time for questions because their work and job journeys were fascinating!'

Fall 2021, Qual II

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